• Your Child Could Be The Next Winner!

    But You Need to Submit A Great Photo!


    Several of the the previous winners of the Cute Kid Contest are shown below with some great photo tips!

  • Tip # 1

    Get the judges attention!


    Make sure you submit photos that will catch the judges attention - remember in addition to judging the Cute Kid Contest, they may be looking for talent for one of their clients.

    This photo won the Grand Prize in the 2015 Cute Kid Contest worth over $25,000.


  • Tip # 2

    Stay Age Appropriate!


    The judges for the Cute Kid Contest are professionals looking for talent to represent companies that specialize in children's products. So, when they review photos, they may be looking for children that could represent products for that age group.


    They may need babies to represent diapers, cribs, baby food etc. or older children for early education and fashion.


    The need for children in these roles is tremendous, just look at any print advertisement, commercial, TV show or movie.

    Kids are everywhere!


    This photo won $500 in the CuteKidContest


  • Tip # 3

    Stay Focused!


    Always remember that this is a photo contest and your pictures need to be clear, focused and age appropriate.


    Your child needs to look interested, healthy and happy. It's also important that your child appear natural and relaxed. Models who can radiate a natural air of relaxation are always in high demand.


    This photo won $500 in the CuteKidContest


  • Tip # 4

    Stay Centered!


    The subject of good photographs are centered. That doesn't mean that they need to be directly in the center of the picture, but there can't be any question what the photo is about. Take the time to crop out anything that may distract from the image of your beautiful child.


    This photo won $1,000 in the CuteKidContest


  • Tip # 5

    Fill The Frame!


    In most great photographs the subject fills the frame. When you are selecting a photo of your child try to select a picture that will fill the frame. That will allow the judges to get a better feel for your child's appeal.


    This photo won $1,000 in the CuteKidContest


  • New winners and thousands of dollars are awarded in prizes every month.

    This picture won $500 in the CuteKidContest as the Toddler category winner!




  • The Cute Kid Contest Awards Five Category Winners Every Month

    Baby, Toddler, Preschooler, Big Kid and Preteen - each category winner receives $500.


    One overall monthly winner is selected from the six Category Winners each month and receives $1,000.


    The annual grand prize winner is selected from the 12 monthly overall winners and the grand prize is worth over $25,000


  • The Experience

    The contest costs $19.99 to enter, but you get a Canvas Print of your favorite photo and a 1 years subscription to Parents Magazine just for entering.


    Plus all of the photos submitted are reviewed by professionals looking for new talent.


    This picture won the 2015 Cute Kid Contest grand prize worth over $25,000 - You're Child Could Be Next!